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A book can be one of man's best friends.  Over the past years I have read numerous books about wildlife, travel and photography. Often I was in doubt which book to buy on a specific subject. Sometimes you want to travel to a country or wildlife reserve and you find that there is hardly anything written about it. On other subjects the choice is so huge that you don't know which to buy. This is specially difficult if you have to order the books from a foreign bookshop without being able to browse through them before buying. Often the advice of someone who has visited the region and read the books on it, can be very valuable. Therefore in this section I want to review books that I have read about places that I have visited, or wildlife that I have photographed. To help you make your choice about which book to buy.

Note to readers: In no way do I have any commercial links to book publishers. The reviews in this website are just a reflection of my personal opinion about the books and nothing more. Therefore, if I really like a book I will say so. But if I don't like a book I will also honestly say so, and explain why.

Note to publishing companies: If you have any books about wildlife, nature, photography or travelling that you want to have reviewed, please contact me by e-mail. If you send me a copy, I will read it and add a page with a review to this website. Most books in these reviews will be in english, but I will also review books in dutch, german or afrikaans.

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