Welcome to my website on wildlife and nature photography.

Thank you for visiting this website on wildlife and nature photograhy. I have been very fortunate to have been able to travel over a dozen countries in Africa to photograph the natural beauty there. With this website I would like to share my passion for the natural wonders of that magical continent, through images that reflect my vision and through articles that provide enthousiast photographers with the things I learned over the years.

For those interested in a deep, thourough understanding of safari photography I would like to advise the book I wrote on this subject: Digital Safari Photography

Hans Martens Portrait

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website,
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My website has been off-line for quite a while because of continuous hacking. Recently it was hacked once again.
At present it is hosted again on a new server and the website is being rebuilt.So parts may not be ready yet.
I am sorry for any inconveniences.