Book reviews:    Southern, Central and East African Mammals

Southern, Central and East African Mammals
Chris and Tilde Stuarts
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Second Impression 1992
Struik Publishers
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Small pocket sized field guide in the photographic guide series by Struik. This books covers mammals in nearly all parts of Africa, except for the western parts of the continent. Because it covers such a vast area it concentrates on the larger mammals only. For most people this won't be a problem because they are only interested in the bigger mammals anyhow. Of the smaller mammals, some mice shrews and bats are descibed.

Most animals have a single page to themselves. They presented with one or two photographs and a text describing them. The text gives some identification marks but also some information on how the animal lives. Also nice is that all major game reserves where the animal occurs are mentioned. There is also a distribution map, showing where in Africa the animal occurs.

All together 152 species are described in this little book. I can only say that this is a very nice guide. It shows all common animals you will encounter on a safari trip  in Africa. Very nice is that it features not just the south or the east but most of the continent.




Conclusion: As with most books in this series, it is very small and handy. It is a very nice book for anybody going on a safari trip in Africa. All major mammals are shown and described. If you want to learn more about the mammal you might want a bigger guide. But this book should be in your pocket anyway when you are on a safari.

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