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Southern Africa's Mammals: a field guide
Robin Frandsen
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10th impression, 1998
Honeyguide Publications
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Very nice book on mammals in southern Africa. It is small, lightweigth and easy to take with you. It is also very cheap and besides in english it is available in Afrikaans and German as well.

book29b.jpg (26442 bytes)The information in the book is presented in an orderly way and easy to find. There is a rapid identification guide showing you where to look. On each animal there is a clear color photograph, a distribution map and a table with the most important features. Very nice also are the footprints of the animals which are shown in clear drawings with size indication.

Each animal also has a page describing the animal further. Besides english names, also the scientific (latin) and afrikaans names are mentioned. All the common bigger animals are described in the book.

This is an ideal identification guide for foreign tourists visiting places like the Kruger NP.

Conclusion:  All in all this is a very nice guide on the mammals of southern Africa. Nice small and light. Fits into your pocket or bag. Very usefull for tourists. Only a shame that it is presently not available through Amazon. You'll have to look for it in bookshops in South Africa. But all the shops in Kruger seem to have it stocked, so it should be no problem to buy it there. And it is much cheaper in South Africa anyway (I bought it there for only 62 rand).

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